Sunday, April 22, 2012

On Her Way

Basil Waine Kong

She had passed six subjects and was one her way
It was just dusk and drizzling
She wondered whether there was going to be weather
She was on her way to her Granny’s house
With brown stew chicken, macka yam and callaloo for supper
Her long legs freshly rubbed with coconut oil protruding out of her short dress
He came over the hill playing his guitar and singing as loud as he could:
“Tan de Mr. Goosie, tan de
Tan de till a mawnin”
She smiled in amusement and stopped to listen
He sat under the breadfruit tree and played the songs she liked
As she placed her hands under her chin and wind up her waist
With a great big smile he said: “Come ya Gal, Mek mi love you up no?”
She said: “No, I have to go. Mi bringing supper for Granny”
“You look so pretty and nice, mi love you u know”
She said NO
He would not take NO for an answer
She said no again
He caressed her around her thin waist and kissed her
Her knees went weak and she shivered in his arms
It was now wet
She no longer said no and he didn’t stop
And as the earth moved under her bare feet
He planted his seed and bigged her up
He went on his way and was nowhere to be found
She was caught in a storm
And no longer on her way

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